Who We Are

Advocates for Thriving Communities is an organization of health professionals, educators and community members working together to empower community residents and to provide essential tools for healthy lifestyles. We provide the latest public health information and resources to promote individual and community wellness. We believe every community resident deserves to thrive, and we work to ensure that opportunities to do so are available and accessible. Advocates for Thriving Communities creates and implements programs to encourage and enhance health and wellness by educating our communities in the following areas:

Our Mission

The goal of Advocates for Thriving Communities is to achieve positive health and wellness outcomes for the communities we serve. We are building an interdependent system to address local issues; provide opportunities to residents in employment, health and wellness; and to promote sustainable livelihoods for generations to come. We collaborate locally to share resources and to jointly plan, implement, and evaluate programs to achieve a common vision and collection of data to aid a thriving future.