Scott County Public Health provides services to promote healthier living for county residents. Public Health staff includes licensed registered nurses and health educators who provide assessment, teaching, support, and referrals to residents of Scott County.

Healthy Eating

Advocates will work to increase access to healthy food and improve the overall health and well-being of our communities. Advocates will address food insecurity by holding weekly food drives and providing resources to our communities.

Health Equity

To achieve health health equity, we need community-based solutions such as assessing the health of the community through collection of data. Such data is vital to create positive health outcomes and to raise awareness to ensure that we have a shared vision and values to live healthier and prosperous. We need to be able to support health equity by improving the social determinants of health by providing trainings on holistic health, healthy eating, health literacy, and in cultural competency.

Physical Activity

Advocates are an avid supporter of ensuring that residents have the opportunities to live healthier lifestyles through exercise. We want to be able to ensure that all of our communities are able to have access to physical activity without any barriers.

Health and Wellness

Advocates will develop health promotion programs that will result in engaging and empowering individuals and communities to choose healthy lifestyles and behaviors. Advocates will work to promote positive changes that will create risk reduction strategies. Advocates will work towards creating and raising awareness about healthy living through community outreach. Advocates will utilize effective communication methods such as social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Advocates will empower communities through providing educational classes on various topics relating to holistic health.

Substance/Tobacco Use

Advocates will be collaborating with a variety of outpatient and community-based residential alcohol and drug use prevention and treatment services to provide resources to individuals who would like to seek services. Advocates will also collaborate with health professionals to educate the communities we serve on opioid use and take measures to provide resources to parents and adolescents. Advocates will hold weekly community conversations in order to create awareness on opioid use.

Mental Health

At Advocates we provide resources for those seeking mental health services such as making referrals to needed medical, psychiatric, dental vocational/educational, social and benefit services. We offer trainings and classes to educate our communities on mental health illnesses and to learn ways to support their loved ones who are experiencing a mental health illness.